workpedia is an AI powered

work planning, scheduling and workforce productivity management platform with robotic knowledge builder

It is important for business leaders to ensure that their workforce remains active and responsive while working from home in order to not just deliver work efficiently, but also to remain motivated, stay engaged and maintain the right attitude towards work.

goFusion workpedia will enable leaders to set department or Organization level objectives, build weekly work plans and schedule work for the team members. Dashboard and data analytics for leaders to monitor work status, resource availability, engagement trends, productivity and efficiency.

Time to embrace new culture that is not based on reporting at work but about how efficiently you are using workforce to achieve organization or department level goals while constantly improving  productivity and resource utilization while retaining knowledge

Retaining good talent is excellent but what about retaining knowledge?

Work and process knowledge repository is going to be your most valuable asset in coming times. Knowledge drives productivity and save leaders time going in explaining work again and again. workpedia retains reusable knowledge content robotically.

How you can use work related data and knowledge in predictive analytics

Knowing strength and weaknesses of your workforce while formulating strategies can reduce risk of failure. workpedia is using statistical data to predict workforce performance and capability based on their work knowledge, experience, efficiency and timeline compliance.

Faster Return on Investment and Workforce Optimization

Improving resource utilization means you are gaining more value from your workforce investments. How much returns you can have is directly dependent on how much you annually invest in the workforce directly or indirectly

About workpedia platform

Analyze workforce productivity with interactive 9box data visualization tool based on Department, Operating Unit and Cost Centre

Manager Work Planner includes Responsibility Breakdown Structure, Work Scheduling, Work Review and Team Availability Monitoring

Workforce Utilization Trends and Team FTW % (Full Time Work) based weekly Utilization Overview 




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