Workforce Management Overview

Using single platform and single data source will not just ease management of your workforce related information but also expedite talent based processes. Managing workforce using disparate systems can limit data visibility which can impact performance of your HR organization. FusionFox workforce management solution automates leave entitlements, accrual process, employee time record, resource time allocation and shift rotation management. Occupancy management dashboard will give you detailed insight where your workforce is spread across departments, locations and projects.

Employment Contracts Management

Employee terms of engagement, leave entitlements, Full time employment (FTE), work schedule and other entitlements can be defined and maintained in employment contracts

Integrated document management

Traditional document management systems cannot help you build repositories for employees and therefore it is important to have this within your workforce management system

Highly flexible Leave accrual process

Leave setup includes criteria, absence rules and auto accrual frequency which can be either yearly, semester, quarterly, monthly. You can define which leave to be carry forwarded and if there is any limit or ceiling

Employee Time and Absence Management

Management of employee time, attendance, overtime, compensatory offs and absence can be managed in FusionFox workforce management

Global Assignments Management

This can manage international assignments which is an essential part of global organizations and this requires effectivef planning and logistics that need to be handled during the process

Employee Turnover Analytics

Monitor employee turnover and movement using employee turnover data analytics which can help in identifying attrition rate and reasons.

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