Human Capital Cloud Express Edition

FusionFox express is extremely easy to use and is device independent. It is GDPR compliant and supports Single Sign On and 2 step authentication, so your security and compliance requirements are well taken care off. Dashboard driven reports gives you company wide visibility at your fingertips. It is built using masonry layout to provide next generation Look & Feel and to work seamlessly on any device or screen size. FusionFox HCM Express can support horizontal growth of  your enterprise with its four tier business structure setup : starts from Business Group - Organization - Operating Unit - Work Location.

With FusionFox Express you, your employees and your HR team can have access to updated company wide information through Core HR and Employee Self Service. All this at a very affordable cost in the pay as you go SaaS model. You can also upgrade to enterprise version as your company grows. It is delivered pre-configured, like a plug and play solution that you can start using from day one.

Core HR

Employee Information Management, Compensation Management, Leave/ Timeoff entitlements and accrual policy automation, Assignments, Immigration Information, Dependent and integrated tag cloud to add custom fields or drop-down lists. You can also manage contingent workers, FTE percent and work schedules. Organization viewer, strength analyzer and drill down into organization or reporting hierarchy. Innovative gantt charts and configurable calendars will take user experience to all new level.

Employee Self Service

Preconfigured dashboard for employees and managers to initiate or approve leave requests, check leave history or plans, access information as per GDPR regulation and update in case needed. Know who is who in the organization, View notice board and access HR policies. Delegation management, automated emailing, implementing timeline rules and automated escalation process management.

Dashboards and Analytics

Innovative dashboard for HR leaders either at local level or corporate level to access all the information, track actions and manage requests which remain unattended. View human resources strength breakdown, analyze cost  and view attrition rate.  Powerful data analytics to analyze employee data or generate on-demand report from data being maintained in the FusionFox HCM express

Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding made easy where system sends welcome email to newly hired as soon as candidate is on-boarded along with credentials to login in the employee self service. Offboarding starts from the decision of separating an employee from organization, taking handover and define successor. Record reasons for separation and obtain feedback from the outgoing employee to analyze and better employee retention rate.

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