TimeBolt: Timesheet Automation RPA Solution

TimeBolt: Timesheet Automation RPA Solution

TimeBolt is enterprise wide Timesheet process automation solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. It is designed to efficiently manage time sheet building from time reporting data to adjustment and approval process.


TimeBolt is fully integrated with employee work schedule, paid time off in order to build timecard automatically. You can set up multiple RPA for different operating locations covering working shifts and resource requirements.

  • ABOUT TimeBolt

    Revolutionary RPA solution to manage the timesheet process across different operating units and locations in the organization. Define time cycle schedule and activities to be robotically handled, while configuring RPA in TimeBolt


    Following a predefined schedule for collecting Time Reporting Data, Missing Punch update, Building Timecard, short hours emailing and timecard adjustment using self service and approved by manager or auto approval to complete the process

  • WHY TimeBolt

    TimeBolt efficiently managing this process without much human intervention, increasing productivity and reliability. Removing these repetitive and Mundane tasks from the HR desk will help them focus on critical activities.