WorkfoRpa: Workforce Scheduling RPA

WorkfoRpa: Workforce Scheduling RPA

WorkfoRpa is enterprise wide workforce planning and scheduling automation solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. It is designed to efficiently manage workforce allocation and scheduling to enhance productivity and utilization of human resources.


WorkfoRpa gives full flexibility to maintain work schedules of regular and part-time employees.  You can set up multiple RPA for different operating locations covering working shifts and resource requirements.

  • ABOUT WorkfoRpa

    Revolutionary RPA solution to manage workforce planning and scheduling across different operating units and locations in the organization. Define workforce operations details, and workforce requirements while configuring RPA in WorkfoRpa.


    Our powerful RPA configuration engine is scalable to meet the diversity of your operations and workforce requirement planning. Define operating unit wise working shifts and rotation criteria and how exception needs to be handled robotically.

  • WHY WorkfoRpa

    Workforce planning and scheduling consume significant time of HR Staff in managing these repetitive and mundane tasks every week either manually or using systems with limited capability. WorkfoRpa is the solution to AutoPilot this process with minimal human intervention.