Must have tool for sales organization to drive performance and reward salesforce based on their achievements

SWings: Sales Performance Management RPA

SWings is an enterprise wide sales performance, goals and achievement management solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. It is designed to efficiently manage automated feedback or reviews based on % achievements against Goals.


Covering Robotic Performance Ratings on Goal based KPIs, Obtaining Feedback from Appraisers and consolidating feedback to finalize net ratings. This includes performance based reward calculation and execution. 

  • ABOUT SWings

    SWings is a periodic sales performance review scheduling, Achievement and feedback automation solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. Define criteria to select performance indicators, select reviewers and execute performance reviews as schedules in the RPA.


    Our powerful RPA configuration engine is scalable to meet the diversity and complexity in scheduling and executing sales performance review process. Allowing you to either define goals in the SWings or bulk upload sales targets or goals along with achievements.

  • Why SWings

    Drive sales performance and achieve organization's sales goals by efficiently distributing sales goals or targets, collect feedback wherever needed and finalize performance ratings. SWings is designed to AutoPilot sales performance management process with minimal human intervention.