PerfoRpa: Performance 360 and Appraisal AutoPilot

PerfoRpa is an enterprise wide performance review and reward automation solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. It is designed to efficiently manage automated feedback or reviews based on scheduling criteria defined.


Covering Self Appaisal, Manager Feedback, 360 Degree Reviews, Performance Insight, Flexible KPI Setup, Schehduling rules setup, Reviewer wise Weight Breakdown and Dashbaords for Individual and Managers

  • ABOUT PerfoRpa

    PerfoRpa is a performance review scheduling and feedback automation solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. Define criteria to select performance indicators, select reviewers and execute performance reviews as schedules in the RPA.


    Our powerful RPA configuration engine is scalable to meet the diversity and complexity in scheduling and executing performance review process. Create multiple RPA covers different processes or approaches of scheduling and conducting reviews in your organization.

  • Why PerfoRpa

    Performance Review Scheduling and Execution consume significant time of HR Staff in managing these repetitive and mundane tasks every time  either manually or using systems with limited capability. WorkfoRpa is the solution to AutoPilot review process with minimal human intervention.

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