PayRolled: AutoPilot Payroll Process and Scheduling

PayRolled is enterprise wide payroll planning, scheduling and processing solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. Efficiently calculate earnings, statutory deductions, recoveries, overtime and absence calculations.   


PayRolled gives full flexibility to define payroll preferences, activity schedule, processing and initiating Bank transfer. You can set up multiple RPA for different operating locations, addressing local regulation and manage compliance.

  • ABOUT PayRolled

    Monitoring pay schedules, calculating cutoff dates, communicating with concerned persons, collecting attendance, processing and posting payroll, initiating bank transfer and emailing payslips to the employees


    Payroll Planning, Adhoc or Periodic Deductions, Absence calculations, statutory deductions, Payroll Processing, Bank Transfer and Salary disbursement. Integrated with the PTO, Compensation and attendance.

  • WHY PayRolled

    Enabling you to configure different RPA covering your scheduling needs and diversity of operations. Managing compliance and complexity across different countries and operating locations.

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