PaleRpa: PTO Accrual and Accounting RPA

PaleRpa: PTO Accrual and Accounting RPA

PaleRpa is enterprise wide paid time off accrual and accounting process automation solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. It is designed to efficiently manage automated leave accrual or credit in employee leave account.   


Robotic Leave Accruals process covering paid leave, such as Sick Leave, Earned Leaves, Legal Holidays, etc. You can configure the actual frequency as per organizational requirements, e.g. Monthly Leaves, Annual Leaves, Semester Leaves, PTO Plans and Leave Accounting.

  • ABOUT PaleRpa

    PaleRpa is designed for Auto piloting activities relating Paid Leave, either it is about robotic leave credit/ accrual or managing leave account of the employees. Integrated with Self Service, Employee work schedule. Leaves can be deducted from leave request and approval process. 


    Manual leave accruals and accounting are not just inefficient but pose serious risk of alienating compliance issues. PaleRPA is designed to AutoPilot end to end activities involved in management of Paid time off

  • WHY PaleRpa

    Accuracy, efficiency and reducing compliance risk while eliminating manual, repetitive and mundane tasks done by HR staff. Enabling you to configure different RPA addressing your business needs and managing complexities across different countries and operating locations