GoalsLab: Periodic Goal and Target Allocation RPA

GoalsLab: Periodic Goal and Target Allocation RPA

GoalsLab is an enterprise wide periodic Goals and target allocation solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. It is designed to efficiently manage performance target allocation driven from organizational objectives and goals. 


GoalsLab extends full flexibility to maintain goal setting criteria, goal breakdown rules and assigning periodic goals. You can set up multiple RPA covers business structure, preferences and business rules.

  • ABOUT GoalsLab

    Goals are imortant part of Performance reviews of either individual, team, department or organization. GoalsLab is designed to Autopilot goal setting process to remove bias and rationalize expectations from the workforce.


    Managing diversity of Goals, either you are setting performance goals or career goals or development goals. This is the single platform enabling you to manage all type of goals and measure achievenements.


    This is tightly integrated with Performance Reviews and Appraisal solution. This can be rolled out independently even if you are using any other HCM solution. Available on SaaS Cloud for monthly subscription fee,