FactFinder: Employee Background Verification RPA

FactFinder: Employee Background Verification RPA

FactFinder is an enterprise wide onboarding candidate background verification solution driven by Robotic Process Automation. This includes verification feedback templates builder and allocation of different tasks to internal or external agents to submit a report.


FactFinder extends full flexibility to configure verification process for different job types and operating locations. Covering robotic allocation of tasks relating to background checks and document verification.

  • ABOUT FactFinder

    FactFinder is a revolutionary RPA solution will not just manage this entire process robotically but also accelerate background verification process and optimize the time available to decide. Setup timeline rules and monitor timeline performance of the agents submitting reports.


    Our state of the art RPA configuration engine is scalable to meet the diversity of nature of feedback needed based on job categories and operating locations. You can define multiple RPA covering your approach and process to conduct backgorund verification.

  • WHY FactFinder

    Background and document verification is becoming an important criteria to hire staff and executives. This is an add-on work to HR staff and consumes time to initiate and coordinate this process. FactFinder is your  solution to AutoPilot candidate verification process with minimal human intervention.