Rankey: Candidate Evaluation and Selection RPA

Rankey: Candidate Evaluation and Selection RPA

Rankey is an enterprise wide candidate selection Bot that makes the decision to finalize candidates to be hired based on the feedback received from interviewers. It follows a scientific approach in assessing talent potential and their fitment for the job in the subject.


Rankey extends full flexibility to configure a job profile and let you define competency requirements, functional experience, professional credits and accreditation. It decides based on the evaluation criteria and weight defined in the RPA

  • ABOUT Rankey

    Rankey is a revolutionary RPA solution to evaluate candidate fitment and make final selection to hire. Set up job profiles along with key job attributes, requirements and evaluation criteria to be followed and leave the rest on Rankey.


    Our state of the art RPA configuration engine is scalable to meet the diversity of your operations and Job requirements planning. Once interviewers submit their feedback, Rankey follows all the criteria and makes an efficient decision to finalize candidates.

  • WHY Rankey

    The candidate selection process needs to be bias fee and most competent person for the job needs to be selected. The decision to select candidate needs to be scientific and candidates should be selected based on fitment not by personal choice.