Performance Review 360

This includes employee performance review and 360 feedback that helps organizations collect feedback on employee performance and behavior from managers, HR, Peers and Direct Reports. Other than feedback based performance indicators, you can setup goal based indicators which can be measured based on achievements in the given period of time. Performance Reviews are important as it help organizations measure individual achievements and contributions so that they can decide who to keep, reward or identify who needs further training or development.

Managers can also assign tasks to the team members or delegate work responsibilities to be completed in the given time-frame and measure employee performance based on that. Performance ratings can also be given against the task or work delegated in order to measure efficiency and timeline performance.

Feedback and Goal Based Reviews

You can separate performance indicators based on their types such as feedback or Goal based. Managers can assign performance goals and targets to their respective team members and assess performance based on the achievements in the given review period.

Powerful KPI Configuration Engine

Create your own KPI library or import from your existing sources, setup position wise review criteria and KPI list. You can also define weight percent for each KPI  and further breakdown by reviewers type . Configure feedback rating approach using review scale setup and link those to each KPI that needs to follow specific scale to obtain feedback

Integrated Reward Matrix

Create reward matrix and set rules so that reward plans can be executed based on performance review final ratings. System can generate pay revision advice and send it to the concerned persons to further effect in the payroll system

360 Degree Performance Review

Performance 360 review will enable employees to do self appraisal, appraisal by managers, peers, direct reports, other managers and third parties. You can set feedback requirements and criteria for each KPI as to who all needs to provide feedback.