Performance Review Auto Pilot

Embark on a journey to become an intelligent enterprise that makes diligent use of the combination of both cognitive intelligence and robotic processes. This will not just help in eliminating many manual activities of HR staff but also enhance process efficiency and extend a good employee experience.


Performance reviews are one of the major activities handled by HR staff and this starts from managing review schedule, initiating appraisal process, sharing feedback templates, collecting feedback, calculating final ratings, updating systems and executing reward plan if any. FusionFox AI can manage this entire process without HR staff involvement so that they can focus on more critical activities.

Robotic Process Automation

Performance review auto pilot process is handled by our innovative bot FusionNerd. This will take over many human tasks, keep track of the schedules or recurring review plans and then initiate appraisal process automatically. You can set timelines for performance review cycles and configure day-wise activities.

Building Cognitive Intelligence

What does HR do when someone is due for performance review? First, HR identifies the position of the person that  could be the basis for selecting KPIs to be included in the review plan and then identify who all need to provide feedback and in what order.  Further, it is important for HR staff to know if all the KPIs are to be routed to all the reviewers or there is a criteria to shortlist KPIs based on reviewer type such as manager, peer, HR, direct reports etc. This process knowledge can be transferred to cognitive intelligence setup in FusionFox Performance Auto Pilot

Machine Learning to Take Decisions

Machine can learn how you calculate ratings based on different performance indicators, their respective weight, how to take rating provided by multiple reviewers into calculation. When and how to implement reward plans post finalizing performance ratings

Automate Workflow and Communicator

Powerful workflow engine and communication process manager works along with the FusionNerd to ensure every action is managed in the system. Either it is a task that needs supervision or escalation or followup, you rest assure and let these bots and tools manage things.

Predictive Analytics

Building knowledge repository to improve predictive analytics. It is the foundation stage where we need to first set a process to track an employee's  performance from different perspectives such as  project or assignment based performance reviews, manager assigned or delegated responsibility which goes thru an  assessment process. Periodic or annual performance appraisal data is alone not enough to predict or forecast performance.