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If you have registered for one week free trial then you will be provided access to the modules and applications based on what solution you have requested during registration process. You will be provided view only access for admin role which means you can view and access all the modules or solutions that you have requested.  

Advanced hands on experience can allow you to add or modify information and also allow you to login with four different preconfigured roles e.g. Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service, Local HR, Global HR and Admin role. If you are interested in advanced hands on experience then you may contact our local business associate or partner or you can write to us at

Don't have login credentials yet?

You can register for one week free trial access to get hands on experience. On completing registration process, you will receive an email with user credentials to start access.

How to navigate in the application?

This is 5 minutes training video​ explaining how to login, navigate in order to access different modules and application. Click on the below link to view video