Succession and Talent Development Overview

The core objective is to help organizations proactively plan for change by giving required visibility to the available talent pipeline and identify talent gaps. It is bundled with required planning tools, data analytics, monitoring dashboards and comprehensive talent search capabilities to find quality successors, and build further plans to fill the gaps so that you are ready for any sudden change that can potentially impact business continuity.


FusionFox Succession Planning and Development solution focuses on how systems can contribute in retaining good talent by adopting transparent succession and talent development programs. Employees should be able to feel and envisage that potential growth within the organization if they perform well and develop required skills for next move

Identify, Develop and Move

Preparing organization develop succession plans that help you retain high potential talent and ensure the development and readiness of your employees to manage when one or more of your key resources suddenly decide to leave the organization

Competency Weight and rating based Analysis

Competency based succession planning model will help you identify who is the nearest fit for the position or employee you wish to nominate a successor

Powerful Talent Search and Comparison

Talent comparison and comprehensive search criteria will help you find talent that you need either to nominate successor or include in your development plan

Talent Reviews and Actions

Automate entire process from nominating, conducting regular talent reviews, identify potential gaps, set timeline for actions in order to fill the gaps and monitor readiness of the potential candidates till candidate is fully ready for the next move

Interactive Succession Organization Chart

You can view and drill down into succession chart at organizational level or at individual level. This can help identify overall impact of succession plans

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