Advanced Onboarding Overview

FusionFox Advance Onboarding can optimize onboarding process and set things in order so that employees can take over job responsibilities without wasting any time. It is important to manage activities relating to new hires with care. People who are onboarding needs have access to the right knowledge and training, so they can be productive in the minimal amount of time.

First Impression is important

It is important to provide good onboarding experience to the people who are joining the organization and FusionFox will help you create good first experience

Streamline Process and Timeline

Setup Onboarding process using configurable checklists and define action timeline. Department wise checklists can be defined and managed by department managers where they can manage tasks and assign it to the team members

Candidate Information and Document Transfer

Transfer candidate personal information, contact details, experience information, competency details, profile picture to employee profile. Integrated with job offer to transfer compensation information, leave entitlements, work schedule and other job related details automatically

Onboard Automatically on Hiredate+1

System can automatically onboard candidate on next day to the schedule onboarding date. This gives HR opportunity to withdraw job offer or extend joining date in case candidate does not report to work. This creates employee record automatically, transfer all the details and create self service account and email credentials to the employee

Powerful workflow Engine and Bots

FusionFox workflow engine is configurable to address process and action routing. Automatically creating tasks, setting timelines, communicating thru emails, sending notifications and activating escalation process

Innovative Dashboards and Data Analytics

Highly interactive dashboards for management and HR staff to monitor activities, tasks relating to the candidates onboarding. Several data analytics bundled with solution to provide any information for analysis and on demand reporting. Onboarding action and tasks are integrated with Local HR dashboard so that they can expedite things wherever needed