Onboarding Auto Pilot

It is high time to Auto Pilot onboarding process with FusionFox Advanced Onboarding AI solution. It can transform the way onboarding process is managed by eliminating most of the manual activities that consume significant time of HR staff and other departments involved in Onboarding process. It connects all the stakeholders that include candidate, HR staff, Training or Induction Organizers, IT and Administration who need to collaborate in order to provide smooth, efficient and a great first impression that lasts longer. Robotic Task allocation, Timeline Planning, Automated communications, Follow-up and Escalation are handled automatically.

Robotic Process Automation

Onboarding process is handled by our innovative bot Fusion Imbraco. This will take over tasks such as planning and allocation, checklist based actions, automated communications, reminders, follow-ups and monitor timeline so that you accomplish activities in time without any chaos and with high efficiency.

Building Cognitive Intelligence

What does HR do when someone accepts the job offer and is scheduled to onboard? It first identifies the position or job profile of the candidate and then onboarding location or operating unit. Based on this, they decide what actions are to be planned for the candidate onboarding and this can be based on manual checklist that includes actions to be taken by different department and then HR staff communicate with all the concerned departments or stakeholders about the actions along with indicative soft timelines. If there is any delay in executing tasks of action then they send follow-up emails or reminders. This entire process knowledge can be transferred to cognitive intelligence setup in FusionFox Onboarding Auto Pilot.


FusionBot Imbarco automatically initiates iOnboarding when joining date of the candidate is finalized. It creates user Id, random password and sends an email along with link to the candidate for self onboarding. Candidates can access and update all the relevant details, view onboarding activities planned for them and learn about their new colleagues.

Automate Workflow and Communicator

Powerful workflow engine and communication process manager works along with the Fusion Imbraco to ensure that every action is managed in the system. Either it is a task that needs supervision or escalation or follow-up, you rest assured and let these bots and tools manage things.