Work from home is a new reality, and it is going to be quite challenging for managers who are new to this culture. Effective work planning, scheduling, allocating and monitoring workforce availability is the only way forward. ReWoP is an integrated work planning and workforce productivity management platform powered by Artificial Intelligence


  • Manager Work Planner

  • Work Plan Breakdown (WPB)

  • Work Allocation and Scheduling

  • Work Quality Management

  • Integrated with Objectives


  • My Work Centre

  • Realtime Work Reporting 

  • Timeline Monitoring 

  • Work Support Resources 

  • Availability Management


  • 9Box Productivity Monitoring 

  • Resource Utilization Trends

  • Work Quality Monitoring 

  • Work Efficiency Analysis

  • Integrated with KPIs 

Human Capital and Workforce Management Cloud

Automates key HR process, Employee life cycle, Self Service, Workforce management, Timesheet process automation. Bundled with easy to use data analytic and dashboards.

Performance and Unified Talent Management

Performance Reviews, Goals and Achievements, Competency Management, Succession Planning, Talent Development and Acquisition Process Automation

Future Ready Enterprise Resource Planning on Cloud

Enterprise Solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. Covering CRM, Sales and Distribution, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, Financials, Enterprise Asset and Project Management

Pluggable AI and Robotic Process Automation Solutions

goFusion Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation Solutions are designed to complement your existing enterprise applications and technology platform

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